Bespoke Concrete


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For many years we have specialised in DECORATIVE concrete. Our products have evolved over the years and each time an improvement is made on the last. 

By the nature of concrete each cast is different. No two pieces are ever the same. The end result is that you, our client, gets a truly unique creation.

Concrete is both an art and a science. Concrete cannot be rushed, it does what it does.

Colour, texture and feel are all factors that can change.


Our work is as perfect as the concrete allows. There will always be imperfections but they, too, are from differing perceptions.

Perceptions are, in reality, the most difficult concept to manage. We can make as many samples as we like but they can only be similar to the final product.

We have over years developed techniques and systems that minimize these differences but the true nature of the concrete does its own magic every time.

We are Gauteng based but we can work outside the region so don't hesitate to contact us with questions or requests.

A super client allowed us to make his kitchen awesome.

the Concrete Company